Egloo is a space heater that heat, scent and humidify small rooms thanks to the power of a special candle, all while adding a gentle glow that enhances and decorates the ambiance anywhere you set it. We linked art and design, tradition and innovation to offer you a unique article of its kind!

There’s a base, a steel plate, a grill and two nested domes. It only involves the positioning of wooden wicks, wax, and water in the plate on the base. You can also add Oil fragrance into the water.

Finally, you will need only to turn on the wicks with a lighter and put the grill and the two domes in the correct order. After only fifteen minutes Egloo is ready. The candle have an average duration of about four hours and generate enough heat to warm up small environments.

Heat your room for 10 cent a day

Egloo utilizes the heat retaining properties of terracotta and high quality, smoke free candles to provide a clean burning, energy saving heat source that elevates the atmosphere of any space, smell and humidifier your house. We use only natural materials of the highest quality and we manufacture our products respecting the environment, following the highest quality standards.

smart portable heater

Egloo comes complete with a specially designed candle made from high quality natural wax, which when combined with their laser cut cherry wood wicksand their innovative terracotta construction, allows this aesthetically pleasing piece of decor to quickly absorb, retain, and then gradually release heat into the surrounding area.

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essential oil diffuser

Our premium quality fragrances are crafted by Italian master perfumers with a true-to-life nature and subtle layers of fine fragrance notes that combine to create a simple, but sophisticated palette. Using our fragrances is very easy, you just have to put a few drops of perfume in the water inside the oil diffuser before turning it on and the heat will then do the rest!

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Dry air in the home or office can cause a multitude of health issues. Fortunately, these humidifiers will help you improve your air quality. Egloo is one of the best humidifiers to moisten the air in your home and office, all without polluting because the power of a candle is used to evaporate the water.

This ceramic pottery is made by the best Italian artisans in a high-heat terracotta literally called “Terra da fiamma”. The artisanal production will be completely MADE IN ITALY, using only the highest quality natural materials.

ceramic pottery


  • Can I use the Egloo without putting water inside?

It is forbidden to use the Egloo without water. The water cooling system must be filled with water before each use

  • How long does each candle and wicks last?

The wicks and wax last about 4 hours and you can turn them on and off as many times as you want until the wax runs out.

  • Must i use your candles or will a tea-light work?

We recommend to use only our candles that are have been created specifically and fully tested to work with Egloo, we don’t take any responsibility if you use different type of candle.

  • Would this be something we could use int the bathroom / kitchen / living room / patio / office to add a little heat?

Egloo is definitely something that you could use anywhere in your home or office to heat small rooms and at the same time humidify and perfume.

  • Can I turn off the Egloo and turn it on again at a later time?

You can turn off and switch on Egloo whenever you want until the wax and / or the wicks run out. I suggest you put a small amount of wax over the wicks before turning them on again.

  • Do you have any unscented candles?

Our candles are completely odorless, you can add the perfume in the water contained in the base of the Egloo

  • About how big of a space can Egloo reasonably warm?

Egloo is not a substitute of the domestic heating but it can reasonably warm a small room of 20 square meters increasing the internal temperature by at least 2/3 degrees.

  • I want to know how to purchase more candle refills

You can buy more candle refills at :

  • Do you ship to…US, UK, Canada, Asia etc…?

Yes, we ship worldwide with professional courier like UPS, Fedex, DHL etc

  • How do I track the shipping? 

As soon as the shipment takes place, the traking number will be sent to you by email

  • I need to order broken/lost etc Egloo components. How can I do that?

Please write an email to customer support We will be happy to help you

  • Are there any distributors in….US, UK, Canada, Asia etc?

We have no physical store, you can buy Egloo online only at :

  • Can I return the item?

Final sale, not eligible for return.

  • What happens if some piece is damaged during shipping?

You should contact our customer service within 7 days of receiving the order and send the photo of the damaged parts. the broken parts will be shipped in 3 working days