Essential oil diffuser

Use this essential oil and aromatherapy diffuser to smell your house

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Our premium quality fragrances are crafted by Italian master perfumers with a true-to-life nature and subtle layers of fine fragrance notes that combine to create a simple, but sophisticated palette. Using our fragrances is very easy, you just have to put a few drops of perfume in the water inside the oil diffuser before turning it on and the heat will then do the rest!

aromatherapy diffuser

We use Natural fragrances concentrated in oil obtained from flowers, fruits, spices, berries, barks, resins, leaves, herbs, mosses, roots and gourmand notes. Thanks to their multiple use, the perfume extract is able to provide pleasing olfactory sensations that stimulate a sense of well-being.FORMATS |10 ml | FRAGRANCES : Melograno – Terrae – Uva e mirtillo – Mele e cannella

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