Using candles will never be the same!


What is Egloo

Egloo was born to counter the continual waste of electricity used for heating domestic rooms, offering as an alternative to eating candles providing cleaner energy and economy, exploiting the properties of terracotta which stores heat and releases it slowly and gradually.


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How to use it

Using Egloo is simple. It takes only the positioning of the three candles on the base and the insertion of the grill on which the domes must be placed. 
After only five minutes Egloo is ready.

How does it work

Once you light it up, Egloo needs 5 minutes to get to the right temperature. Once the candles are lighted up, they will warm up before the thinner chamber storing a high rate of heat (between 140° and 180° degrees). The warmth is then conveyed to the external covering (between 30° and 50° degrees).
The air intake of the external dome facilitate the outgoing of the warm air stored between the covers, allowing thermal exchange with the room environment. After only 30 minutes the temperature of the environment surrounding the Egloo will be increased between 2° and 3° degrees.

Designed for everyone!

Egloo is available in various versions: Natural, coloured and glazed.

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Artistic edition

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How is it made

Egloo is composed by four elements: the base, the grill and the two domes.
The base offers a space for the positioning of the candles that, once you light them up, will warm the domes up.
There is a metal grill placed on the base, serving as a support for the domes. It makes a space to let the air in, necessary for the combustion of the candles. The thinner dome, placed centrally on the base, stores a high rate of heat, that is conveyed to the external dome; the dome's air intake facilitate the outgoing of the warm air stored between the covers, allowing thermal exchange with the environment.

Technical features

Egloo is a useful utensil to warm average rooms up with a very restrained cost, needs three candles for a complete refill, enough for warming up a 20mq environment. Each refill has a life of 5 hours with less than 10 cent.

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