Candle refills

The price of our candles is the lowest in the market because we directly produce refills and we give them to you without intermediaries!

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Our candle are sold in single refill that contains a 50g single-dose bag of high-quality wax in granules, 3 laser-cut cherrywood wicks and 3 specially-designed metal holders. Egloo works ONLY with its refill bags of wax and wooden wicks. The candle have an average duration of about four hours, resist to high temperatures and generate enough heat to warm up small environments in total safety.

Natural wax

Hight quality wax resistant to high temperatures

We choose to use only natural materials, selected and tested to guarantee a very high heat resistance and no smoke production. The offered raw materials for candles are produced in collaboration by the established European companies and conform to all requirements for health and safety.

Wooden wick

For a more powerful light flame and clean combustion

Egloo candles feature a natural wooden wick that crackles as it burns and produces a higher flame and much more heat than the one of a normal candle. The special wicks have no effect on air quality when candle burning all the times in fact they emit a very low amount of CO2.

Design process

We have spent two years researching in the laboratory to develop our candles.

We have tested hundreds of different compositions of waxes and materials for the wicks before arriving at this result. At the end of the experiment we have designs and manufactures our product to be as safe and secure in every situation.