How it works

Providing a room with a natural, cost-effective heating method is simple and sleek through the use of Egloo.

Egloo utilizes the natural heat given off by candles to increase the degrees in the room. It works by placing the candle under the terra-cotta domes, and after about 15 minutes or so Egloo creates a comfortable heat that is trapped inside and released gradually, raising the temperature.

The thinner dome within stores the majority of the heat and the thicker external dome allows for more even distribution throughout the area.
We also introduce the water cooling system that has multiple functions: it humidifies the environment, it scents the room only adding fragrances and it makes the device safer acting as a cooling system that keeps the temperature of the wax constant.

Furthermore, wicks are made in wood and this produces a higher flame and much more heat than the one of a normal candle. Egloo at its maximum temperature reaches temperatures up to 600° degrees, in total safety.
The combination of wax and wooden wicks create also a suffused ambient light, perfect for your special moments.


Our customer focused culture ensures that safety is a top priority. We have led many studies and lab tests to identify and remediate safety vulnerabilities in our product. At the end of the experiment we have designs and manufactures our product to be as safe and secure in every situation.